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Rent The Roo offers brand new furniture, technology, and home and kitchen appliance rentals, all with free delivery, easy rental payment plans, and ongoing support and service for the life of your rental agreement.

Give-A-Way Offer – Rewarding Loyal Customers

At the end of your rental agreement, you have the opportunity to take advantage of our Give-A-Way offer, where we 'gift' the rented item(s). Rent The Roo's Give-A-Way offer has no additional payments, no catches, and no worries.

Roo Rewards – Refer and Be Awarded With Cash!

Refer a friend or family member to Rent The Roo and on their successful application approval be rewarded in $50 cash each time. Visit the Roo Rewards page for full terms and conditions and start earning rewards today!


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Rent The Roo rents to you brand new furniture, home appliances, home entertainment and technology from a huge range of leading brands across Australia, all with free delivery.

If we can find it, you can rent it. Just because it isn't on our website doesn't mean we can't rent it to you. Contact us today with the item you'd like to rent from Rent The Roo.



Rent the iPhone 6 from Rent The Roo

Rent The Roo
21:40:53 20-10-2014
Rent The Roo
20:56:30 20-10-2014
Rent The Roo
It must be Spring! Everywhere we look - little baby joeys are born... check out this cutie from Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria... we love our Roos! Awwww!
Zoos Victoria
Zoos Victoria
There is a new joey in Australian Journey at Werribee Open Range Zoo. The kangaroos are normally quite shy, but Keepers Ben and Luke captured these shots of the new joey. The young are almost ready to emerge fully from the pouch and mums are very protective of their young, so give them plenty of space next time you visit.
03:09:27 20-10-2014

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